Fairy Garden Gifts for Kids

Kids Fairy Garden

Fairy Garden Gifts for Kids

I'm a big believer in non-toy gifts for kids.  Gifts that spark imagination, play, creativity and maybe even some learning!  Recently I've been inspired by Fairy Gardens, what a magical gift idea for a child.  Uncover inspiration here for your own fairy garden gift - including both DIY and pre-made options.  

Build-Your-Own Fairy Garden Kits

Kits allow a child to build his or her own fairy garden using a variety of creative supplies. Here are a few gorgeous ideas to make your own fairy garden gift kit, or purchase a ready-made kit filled with fairy garden supplies. 

Left: DIY Fairy Garden Gift Basket from How Does She
Top Right: DIY Fairy Garden in a Box from the Asylum
Bottom Right: Fairy House Kit in a Box from The Magic Onion

Gift a Fairy Garden

Another option is to gift a pre-made fairy garden.  Here are a couple of my favourite ideas - I love both of these ideas because they can be used both inside and outside. 

Left: DIY Teacup Garden - a full tutorial for creating this pint-sized fairy garden from Life is a Party. Right: This gorgeous little fairy garden from FairyElements is the definition of sweet.

Fairy Door Tours

I love the idea of gifting experiences - local business Fairy Door Tours in St. John's, NL takes children and adults on an enchanted woodland walk looking for fairy doors. We loved our tour, filled with opportunity to leave small treasures for the fairies, including sending notes in a fairy-sized mailbox (which of course is our FAVOURITE!).  If you do not live in our area, check your local region for similar ideas!

How can you make an experience gift memorable?  

Pair your outing with a fairy or gnome dress-up costume, a book about fairies, or a fairy garden kit.  Take photos during your experience and present an image in a special frame after the fact as a reminder of all the fun.

You can find more non-toy gift ideas and inspiration here
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Top image by my amazing friend september