Summer Bucket List for Kids in St. John's, NL

1. Hike/Walk on Signal Hill

2. Get an Ice Cream at Berg's

3. Visit the seals and touch tank at the Ocean Sciences Centre

4. Go to the Farmer's Market and pick out vegetables to plant in our garden

5. Have a picnic at Topsail Beach or Middle Cove Beach

6. Feed the Ducks at Kenny's Pond

7. Cheer for runners along the route of the Tely 10

8. Visit the Salmonier Nature Park

9. Go on a Photo Nature Walk on Rennie's River Trail (some other great and easy trails: Octagon
Pond in Paradise, Power's Pond in Mount Pearl, or throughout Pippy Park)

10. Go to the library to find books about SUMMER

11. Make a fruit smoothie

12. Paint Rocks

13. Write a letter to a friend - get inspired by our preschool pen pal exchange and find printable letter-writing templates for newsletter subscribers.

14. Go to the Strawberry U-Pick at Lester's Farm - don't forget to visit all of the animals

15. Ride your bike on a new route

16. Take a day trip and hike to LaManche bridge

17. Make your own Ice Cream  (there's a great tutorial for making ice cream in a ziplock bag here)

18. Visit a local site for free during Doors Open Days

19. Make S'mores

20. Paint a Walking Stick

21. Camp in Your Backyard or Living Room

22. Run the Canada Day Kids Race

23. Avoid the crowds and visit the concessions at the Royal St. John's Regatta the evening before for a sweet treat

24. Visit the Sunday afternoon family program at the MUN Botanical Garden - feed the ducks, do a craft, listen to a story and more!

25. Run through the sprinkler on a hot day

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