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Send Kids Happy Holiday Mail

"Mommy, why do you get all of the fun mail?"

This year, 
Petit Mail is bringing the joy of holiday snail mail to kids.  

Send that special child in your life a 1-time holiday-themed story postcard. 

Send Happy Holiday Mail

Every child loves to find special mail addressed to them in their mailbox.

What better way to celebrate the joy of the holiday season that to send the child in your life a piece of happy holiday mail?

The Petit Mail Holiday Story Postcard is: Oliver Bakes Cookies

Spark your child's imagination and encourage creative play. With so much of our days filled with technology, it is a wonderful treat to receive real paper mail.

The Happy Holiday Mail Story Postcard is:

(+) full colour, double-sided 
(+) printed on thick card stock 
(+) packaged in a bright, fun red envelope 
(+) Addressed by hand to your child

$7 CAN (Including postage costs) for Canada and US mailing addresses (approximately $5.60 US).  International orders also available. 

All orders will be mailed in early December. 

Send Kids Happy Holiday Mail

Stocking Stuffers for Kids - Kids Stationery Sets

Stocking Stuffers For Kids: Holiday Inspiration

I'm always looking for new and interesting stocking stuffer ideas for my kids and as part of my ongoing efforts to have less "stuff" in our home, I like things that encourage imagination but don't necessarily stay in the house.  

Introducing: Petit Mail Kids Stationery Sets

Watch the introduction here!

Featuring Petit Mail characters Olivia and Oliver, the kids stationery sets include:

  • 2 sheets of lined writing paper, perfect for young writers
  • 2 bright, colourful envelopes
  • 2 postcards
The stationery sets also include some pen pal tips to encourage your child to write a letter.  If your child doesn't have a pen pal, you can connect with one here, or have them write to a friend or family member (across town or across the world).  

The Benefits Of Stationery For Young Kids

My daughter NJ is in Grade 1, but is reluctant to practice her printing.  Having a pen pal, and using this fun stationery, has really encouraged her to write - so far, she loves receiving snail mail from her pen pal Alice, in the UK.  

These stationery sets are also included as a "free gift" bonus with Petit Mail 3, 6 or 12 month subscription holiday pre-orders.  Holiday subscriptions start in January, but you receive a stationery set of your choice along with a Petit Mail gift card - the perfect way to have a "little something" to open along with your gift.  You can find holiday pre-orders here

Holiday Kids Subscription Pre-Order (and Bonus!)

If you're anything like me, you have a child in your life who really doesn't need any more "stuff".

Of course, stuff will usually come, that's the nature of childhood and holiday seasons, but after 2 + years of slowly decluttering our house, I've gotten into a fairly good routine of moving things along when we are finished with them and keeping the number of toys somewhat manageable.

I've also really been making effort toward gifting experiences, even to young children in my life.

Side note: Super proud mom moment recently when my 6 year old daughter announced that for her birthday, she'd like to "go out for breakfast together" and do a "special family activity" - I'm holding on to that one as a WIN!

Petit Mail Is An Experience Gift

The Petit Mail experience is a wonderful way to encourage kids ages 3-6 to grow, learn and read.

Every month, they receive a Petit Mail story postcard, addressed to them in their mailbox. 

Each story postcard has a theme related to art, science, creativity or nature.  Encourage reading skills by reading your story postcard out loud together, then get creative - use the story postcard as inspiration for your own exploration, activities, crafts and more.
Parents say: "the Petit Mail cards encouraged me to do easy and interesting activities with my kids that I wouldn't normally think of"

Holiday Kids Subscription

Holiday Pre-Order Now Available + Limited Time Bonus

I like getting organized for the holidays early, so I'm here to help you do the same.

Pre-Order a 3, 6 or 12 month Petit Mail Gift Subscription (subscription begins in January) and receive a FREE stationery set (Olivia or Olivier) with your order, along with a blank subscription gift card that can be personalized.

Kids love to have something to physically open during the holidays, so the stationery set adds that "fun little something" your subscription.

Holiday Kids Subscription

Holiday Kids Subscription

Each stationery set includes:

  • 2 bright envelopes
  • 2 lined sheets of writing paper
  • 2 postcards
  • pen pal writing tips

Pre-orders are only available until the end of October, so get a jump start on your holiday shopping now.

Don't forget that Petit Mail prices are in Canadian Dollars 
(which is a great deal for all of our US customers right now, you're welcome!)

and all subscriptions include postage costs (there are no added shipping charges on your order)

3 Month Subscription + Stationery Set Bonus ($21 CAN ~$17 US)
6 Month Subscription + Stationery Set Bonus ($42 CAN ~$34 US)
12 Month Subscription + Stationery Set Bonus ($84 CAN ~$67 US)

Book Review: Same, Same but Different

The book review series focuses on children's books with a snail mail or letter-writing theme, because WE LOVE SNAIL MAIL!

Book Review: Same, Same but Different

This book is a treasure for kids ages 3-6 and I wish I had bought it sooner. 

The story follows simple and easy to read pen pal letters of Elliot in the United Sates and Kailash in India.  

The vibrant colours are so engaging and it encourages my kids to think about things outside their own front doors and a small taste of other cultures.

Watch my full Book Review of Same, Same but Different:

This is my first attempt at video blogging, but I plan to create more!  Be sure to click in to my new YouTube channel and follow along if you'd like to get updates when I post new videos and book reviews.

Interested In This Book?

You can find full Same, Same but Different book information here: 

Interested in finding a Pen Pal for Your Child? 

The Petit Mail pen pal group is open to parents around the world.  Connect with other parents, find a pen page of the same age in another country.  
Exchange letters and learn from one another.
We can't wait to have you - request to join the group below.

Kids Pen Pal: Connect And Find A Pen Pal For Your Child

Did you have a pen pal as a child?

I did - she lived in Australia and I loved learning about her life. 

International Kids Pen Pal Group

For quite a while now, I've been thinking about starting a Facebook group so that parents can connect with other parents and find a pen pal for their child in another part of the world.

So, I finally did it.

Join The International Kids Pen Pal Group Here

Let's learn about different places around the world (or even in our own country) - it's one of my favourite things about pen pals. You can spark new conversations and new learning, just by reading a letter!

See you in the group,

Kids Pen Pal