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20 Things To Do With Kids In St. John's, Newfoundland (& Surrounding Areas)

Fun things to do with kids in St. John's

1. Book a Fairy Door Tour - an enchanting experience for kids and kids at heart (personally, I enjoy it JUST as much!) discover fairy homes in the woods in the heart of St. John's (Pippy Park) with a guided tour.

2. Visit Freak Lunchbox on Duckworth Street in St. John's for a sugary candy rush!

3. Visit the Watershed Coffee Shop on the wharf in picturesque Petty Harbour - sit outside with a drink and a treat and watch the water traffic go by!

4. Ride the Trolley Line - a seasonal bus service that offers hop-on, hop-off service at various points throughout downtown St. John's, including Signal Hill, the Johnson Geo Centre, and the Railway Coastal museum.  Our kids don't normally take public transit, so the bus ride itself is also a real treat!

5. Visit the outdoor community splash pads in St. John's at Bowering Park, Bannerman Park or in Paradise at Paradise Park. In winter, skate The Loop or go to a family skate at one of the many arenas.

6. Drive to the Southern Shore and take a hike to the LaManche Village suspension bridge - we love this hike and try to visit once a year.  Take a picnic and stay awhile.  There are often seals or otters lounging in the pools under the bridge.

7. Try indoor swimming and splash pads at the Mount Pearl Summit Centre, the YMCA of Northeast Avalon or the Paul Reynolds Community Centre.

8. Take part in a family activity at The Rooms (usually on the weekends).  Children 5 and under are free!  Our kids love to explore the exhibits, and there is always something new to see.

9. Go for a nature walk along Rennies Mill Trail - this is a great walk along part of the Grand Concourse Trail - look or bridges, waterfalls, ducks and other wildlife.  Also a great spot to have a nature exploration walk.

10. Get ice cream at Bergs or Moo Moo's - there are now several Berg's locations, but as a local, the ONLY Bergs option is the original location in Manuels CBS. Or check out Moo Moo's ice cream on King's Road as another great option.

11. Join the Kid Friendly Activities in St. John's Area Facebook group for lots of great ideas, including a lot of date-specific events and activities throughout the year.

12. Visit Lester's Farm - see the animals, ride the mini tractors and take part in seasonal activities, like berry picking and the corn maze.

13. Get creative together at Clay Cafe Avalon,

14. Feed the ducks at Bowering Park or Quidi Vidi Lake.

15. Play family Mini Golf at Sir Admiral John's

16. For  families with older kids - North Atlantic Ziplines is a fantastic family experience and a great day out for thrill seekers!

17. Spend a morning or afternoon at Topsail beach or Middle cove beach.  Take a picnic, find the perfect beach rock, dip your toes in the ocean if you dare.

18. Take a day-trip to the Salmonier Nature Park - a wildlife sanctuary within an hour of the city

19. Visit the marine touch tank and watch the seals at the Ocean Sciences Centre in Logy Bay - this is one of my favourite free ways to spend an afternoon, and the kids love it!

20.  Hike the North Head trail from The Battery to the top of Signal Hill - I just completed this trail with my 6 year old on a beautiful, sunny St. John's day!  I definitely recommend an average or above fitness level, and arriving prepared!  Parks Canada rates this trail as "strenuous/challenging" Adequate footwear is a must, as the trail is rocky and steep. Be sure to keep your children close, as there are a couple of points on the trail with precarious drops to the ocean.  I have lived here my entire life and I never get tired of those views - magical.

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Happy Exploring!

Inspired Childhood: Simple Play Spaces

I recently saw Emily post photos of her play room in the minimalism + motherhood Facebook group and I knew I had to ask her to share the inspiration with you here. 

"My children play so much better, more peacefully and for longer periods of time when they are not lost in a sea of toys. There is also less clean up which is nice because I spend less time cleaning and more time with my family"

 "It has made a world of difference to have a play room full of open ended toys!"

"Physical clutter is mental clutter and it's amazing to see how much better my children play in atmosphere that is free from clutter. It's also made us appreciate quality over quantity"

"A favourite is our Melissa and Doug rainbow stacker. That thing gets SO much love here!"

You can find Emily on Instagram @raisingtherussos

Join The Kids Summer Reading Club

As a mom, I look forward to warm Summer days with less of an agenda.  

I'm in the process of creating a Summer fun list - a big list of things that I would love to do together as a family this Summer - simple things like hikes, making homemade ice cream and running through the sprinkler. I'll be sure to share the completed list with you!

One thing we always keep up with over the Summer months is reading together.
  We'll plan trips to the library and maybe even take part in a Summer reading program.  

Summer is the perfect time to try Petit Mail, and this month, you can join the Summer Reading Club and receive a story postcard in the mail for June, July and August.

Reading Club for Kids

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The story postcard themes over the Summer are: 

Olivia Plants A Garden
Oliver Goes Camping
Olivia's Science Project

The full colour, double sided stories encourage reading skills, imagination, creative play and learning.  

Kids LOVE to receive mail of their very own. 

The Summer Reading Club costs $7 per month, $21 total (including postage costs - that's right, there are none of those hidden shipping charges at checkout!)

Don't delay - order by June 10 to join the club

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The Offline Weekend Challenge

What is The Offline Weekend Challenge?

For one weekend per month, challenge yourself to go screen free. Get OFFLINE and connect with your kids without constant distractions.  

I'm doing it.  You can too.

Sign up to join me for the challenge, and once a month, I'll send challenge inspiration and family activity ideas to your inbox. 

Why I'm Getting Offline

I've spent a lot of time over the past few years working on slowing down, simplifying, and getting organized as a mom.  

All of these small steps have helped me move toward a better mindset to spend the little moments with my kids. 

It's working, but I am also a classic overachiever.  There have been a lot of changes in the past few years - being pregnant with my second child, taking a break from my career job to be home with him, returning to my career job and then juggling a job that I love, a family that I love and a small business that I love.  

I started saying "no" to things that didn't fit in with my goals for family time and personal time.  I use the perspective you always have time for the things you put first to guide the decisions that I'm making about my time. 


There are a lot of days when there still just never feels like ENOUGH time. 

I feel like my mind is constantly agitated by all of the digital information coming at me.  
Don't get me wrong, I love a lot of that information, and it's important to my work, but I also need a BREAK. 

These are the precious years, right?  The ones everyone tells you to hold on to.  They will slip away so fast, they say. 

and a lot of days I don't feel like I'm really truly PRESENT with my kids.  Even with all of that simplifying that I've already done.  I want to be.  I want to be, so badly.  

So, something has to change.

I need it.  I think you need it too. 


Don't Think You Can Do It?

I'm not saying it's going to be easy.  About a year ago, after reading watching Christina Crook's Ted Talk "Letting Go of Technology", I started an offline weekend experiment.  

It was hard. My husband would literally take my phone and tablet and hide them somewhere.  They would disappear on Friday and reappear on Monday. It worked for a while, but slowly, slowly I find myself slipping back into old patterns.

Hard, but so worth it. 
More Peaceful.

So, I've created this challenge to keep myself (and all of us) on track.  Every month I'll send an e-mail with some inspiration to plan and prepare for your #offlineweekend.

What Is An #OfflineWeekend?

An #offlineweekend is basically a weekend without screens

  • No TV (exceptions can be made for a special family movie night)
  • No computer
  • No tablets 
  • No video games
  • No mobile phones*
*unless your phone is a requirement for being on-call at work, or you expect some kind of family emergency and do not own a landline. Most of the time, a mobile phone is NOT a necessity. If a phone IS absolutely required, tuck it away and check it periodically.  Turn off app notifications and sounds. Be present.   

An #OfflineWeekend is a chance to spend more time face-to-face.  To connect with your kids. To enjoy family activities.  To get outdoors. To learn together.  

I think we can all use a little more of this in our worlds. 

Join Me Here

Take The Offline Weekend Challenge
Are you up to the challenge?
For one weekend per month, go screen-free and make more time to connect with your kids. Once a month, receive e-mail reminders with inspiration, motivation tips + easy activity ideas for ways to spend quality time with your kids.

You ALWAYS Have Time For The Things You Put First

For a year (or more), the phrase "You Always Have Time For The Things You Put First" has been guiding me in my career work, in my work here at Petit Mail, as a mom of young kids, and basically in everything I do.

It helps me to simplify, remember to prioritize what's important to me, and stay away from that whole "busy" mentality that so easily takes over.

I decided I wanted a daily reminder over my desk, so I created this fun little print.

If you'd like this to be your personal mantra (or just like it as a daily reminder of what's important), I'm sharing the PDF version as a free download.