How Petit Mail Works

As a mom with young kids, I usually feel like I am in a race with the clock. 

Morning routines, bedtime routines. 
Endless negotiating. 
Trying to entertain, make a meal, tidy up, listen, diffuse tantrums, talk, remind.

Want to Spend More Time With Your Kids?
I Do. 

I have two kids ages 5 and 1. I'm right there with you.
I am constantly looking for ways to slow down and BE with them for a few moments. 
To remind myself to put down the technology. 
To be present.
To connect. 
My mission is to make it easier for you to connect with your kids through reading and creative play projects - delivered to your mailbox (yes, your mailbox, not your inbox!) each month.

Petit Mail is a double-sided story postcard, mailed in a bright colorful envelope and addressed to your child each month, featuring the adventures of Oliver + Olivia. 

How Petit Mail Works

Order: Choose from Canada, USA, or International subscription options. Ideal ages three to early reader. 

Receive: Check the mailbox together regularly, talk & connect, explore your surroundings

Read & Play Together: Read your story card & use the monthly adventure as inspiration for family time activities.  Spark your child's imagination and encourage creative play. Oliver's putting on a puppet show?  You can too! 

Purchase A Petit Mail Subscription

With so much of our days filled with technology, it is a wonderful treat to receive real paper mail.  

Give your child the gift of a monthly snail mail surprise.  
Petit Mail provides something to look forward to receiving together and encourages quality time together as a family. 

Canadian and US subscriptions cost $6 per month (or less) and all prices INCLUDE postage. International subscriptions are also available. 

It's fun, affordable, and gives you a unique way to spend quality time with your kids. Let your story card inspire new ideas and new ways to play!

Snail Mail for Kids

Each month, story postcards are:

(+) full colour, double-sided.
(+) printed on thick, quality cardstock.
(+) packaged in bright, fun colourful envelopes featuring stamps, embossing & tape.
(+) some months include little extras, like stickers & other goodies.

Want to Know More About Petit Mail?

I create Petit Mail with my heart + soul.  Read more about how I was inspired to create this unique way to make small moments with your kids more meaningful.