5 Easy Indoor Camping Play Activities

This month, our Petit Mail story card is all about camping.  My ideas and inspiration for this month's theme involve spending time together as a family (indoors OR outdoors) AND finding new ways to explore nature.

It's still a little cold here for outdoor camping, so I wanted to share some of our activities this month that compliment the camping theme but can be enjoyed at home at any time.

5 Easy Indoor Camping Play Activities

Indoor Camping Play With Kids

1. Visit the Library to find Books about Camping and Nature

2. Grab a Sleeping bag and Pillow for a living room campout (even if it's just for the afternoon on a rainy day)

3. Make an Indoor Pretend-Play Campfire Together

4. Make Indoor S'mores in the Oven

5. Practice Shadow Puppets on the Wall

I've saved all kinds of inspiration for camping play on a special Camping With Kids Pinterest Board just for you - join me there!

Camping also goes hand in hand with Summer, and summer is the perfect time to send a letter.

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