Kids Dinosaur Fossil Dig

Fossils for Kids

Need some inspiration for your own kids dinosaur fossil dig at home?  

Kids Dinosaur Fossil Dig

Here are some images from our sandbox fossil dig last year.  NJ enjoyed it so much she's still talking about digging for fossils.   The full instructions for making your own fossils and dinosaur bones are included with the subscriber link for Oliver Learns About Fossils

Want to jump-start some fun learning about dinosaurs and fossils?  

Order the Oliver Learns About Fossils Petit Mail story postcard (or a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription) and the perfect invitation to learn will arrive addressed to your child in the mail in a bright, fun envelope.

Your story postcard will introduce the concept of fossils in a simple and fun way.  Reading together, your child can learn how fossils are created, then, the possibilities are endless.  Use your story postcard as the inspiration to learn and explore at home.  

Learning about Fossils

Kids Fossil Dig

Kids Dinosaur Dig

Digging for Fossils

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