3 Benefits of Superhero Pretend Play

This month's Petit Mail story card "Olivia The Superhero" is all about deciding on your child's very own personal superpower.

NJ LOVES to dress up as her own superhero, but you can take that love of pretend play, and turn it into some really important, deep-down learning and skill-building.

Superhero DIY

Here is my list of 3 Benefits of Superhero Pretend Play

1. Confidence Building
When children role play being good citizens (like "saving the day" as a superhero), it builds confidence in their own abilities.  You can support this by giving your child specific compliments about his or her skills - "it was very kind of you to think of others first".

2. Self-Esteem Building
Have your child think up his or her own SUPERPOWER
Play a game that gets your child focusing on skills or tasks that focus on his or her own strengths.  Ask "what makes you GREAT" "What can you do really well?".  Use the answers to brainstorm some Superhero identities together.

3. Creativity 
Superhero dramatic play allows your child to express his or her creativity.  Need some ideas?  Have her make her own mask, cape or costume using items you have around the house.

DIY Superhero Mask Template

Bonus Superhero Mask Template

As a bonus, I have created a free printable superhero mask template, available to all Petit Mail newsletter subscribers.   Sign up below to download the template, and print the mask as many times as you would like.  Littles can color and decorate their own mask to match their superpowers. 

The Benefits of Superhero Pretend Play

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